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A photo of Donald Trump sitting next to his lawyer, who has an Asus gaming laptop. It's a still image, but we've edited it to make the laptop's RGB logo cycle through rainbow colours.
Ace AttorneyNewsThursday, 5th October 2023 by Trump’s lawyer brought a gaming laptop to court, and everyone on Bluesky made the same joke

How a distracting, “strobing” Asus logo became the star of Trump’s fraud trial – and unleashed a slew of Ace Attorney comparisons in the process.

Key art for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, featuring Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright, and Athena Cykes
Ace AttorneyNewsFriday, 22nd September 2023 by Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is coming out in January with loads of extras

As if 90+ hours of rip-roaring courtroom drama weren’t enough, Capcom seems to be throwing everything at its Apollo Justice ports.

Ace Attorney's Miles Edgeworth looks completely beside himself.
Ace AttorneyNewsLinkMonday, 28th August 2023 by The amazing Ace Attorney Investigations 2 fan translation is now available on Android

AAI2’s eight-year-old DS fan translation has been lovingly remastered – and we won’t rest until we’ve inspected every suspicious-looking nook and cranny.

A pixelated screenshot from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Ace AttorneyFeatureSaturday, 9th March 2019 by In pictures: Phoenix Wright’s journey from 110p (no, really) to glorious Full HD

From the laughably tiny Java mobile game, to the laughably sloppy iOS collection — Mike takes a look back at the history of Phoenix Wright ports.

The cast of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
Best ofAce AttorneyFeatureWednesday, 27th February 2019 by Point-and-Click Syndrome and the Tomb Raider Conundrum

Matthew finally acquiesced to playing the Ace Attorney series… But were its Tomb Raider-esque batshit leaps of logic enough to sour the experience?

Defence attorney Phoenix Wright and spirit medium Maya Fey meet at the Detention Centre
Best ofAce AttorneyFeatureTuesday, 20th June 2017 by Exclusive: Acolyte Fey back behind bars after Grey Clinic boss allegedly shot by rogue spirit

Celeste Steel, Oh! Cult magazine’s news editor, reveals the inside scoop about Maya Fey’s upcoming murder trial — and its supposedly spiritual origins.

The colourful cast of Rhythm Paradise Megamix
E3 2016Ace AttorneyNewsThursday, 16th June 2016 by Nintendo didn’t do a conference, but their Treehouse had some pretty cool stuff in it

With Rhythm Paradise, Ace Attorney, and Pokémon all appearing, Mike was always going to be pleased. Regardless of Breath of the Wild’s first big preview.