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Exclusive: Acolyte Fey back behind bars after Grey Clinic boss allegedly shot by rogue spirit

Suspicions raised as rookie attorney Phoenix Wright appears on scene BEFORE the murder

PLUS: What the mainstream media isn’t telling you about the shooting’s spiritual origins

June 20th, 2017 | By Celeste Steel, Oh! Cult News Editor

LOS ANGELES, CA – Spirit medium Maya Fey is back behind bars tonight, after allegedly shooting Grey Surgical Clinic CEO Dr. Turner Grey in the forehead during a channelling session on June 19th.

Fey’s arrest comes less than a year after she was charged with murdering her older sister, legendary defense attorney Mia Fey – and only HOURS after reuniting with the rookie lawyer who saved her from those charges.

A spirited defense

Even as the Los Angeles Daily News attempts to paint this as a straightforward shooting, sources close to the Fey clan have told Oh! Cult the killing was likely carried out by a wayward spirit – that of deceased Grey Clinic nurse Mimi Miney, who was closely linked to a malpractice incident on May 2nd last year that resulted in the deaths of 14 patients.

Side-by-side photos of Maya Fey at the crime scene. She is holding a gun and covered in blood. Her face doesn't look quite right.
SHELLSHOCKED: Acolyte Maya Fey pictured moments after the alleged murder. Photographs: Lotta Hart

Dr. Grey had always maintained the patients died due to negligence on Mimi Miney’s part, claiming the young nurse mixed up their medications. Miney died in a car wreckage after falling asleep at the wheel on May 24th, 2016, leaving her unable to defend her record. But recent accusations of poor working conditions from “overworked and exhausted” clinicians have led to suggestions Ms. Miney’s spirit may have harboured a grudge against Dr. Grey.

Biding her time

Our source, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed Dr. Grey was shot with his own handgun, which he smuggled into Fey Manor’s historic channelling chamber for reasons unknown. They added: “The good sir [Dr. Grey] had Mystic Maya channel the nurse so that he could acquire a written confession from her. He merely sought to save the reputation of his hospital.”

Top-knotted Fey, 18, is a student of the Kurain Channeling Technique, which causes a medium’s entire physical appearance to change to that of the spirit they are channeling. Experienced mediums are able to effectively control unruly spirits, although in extreme cases it can be necessary for a third party to forcibly remove the spirit – either through use of a magatama of parting, or the more complicated Spirit Severing Technique.

Oh! Cult understands a forced removal was necessary in this case, although considering Ms. Fey’s status as a fledgling medium – despite being the daughter of estranged Kurain Village Master Misty Fey, this was Maya’s first commercial channeling – we don’t expect such technicalities will do much to help her case. With self-ascribed “perfect” Prosecutor Franziska von Karma widely tipped to be leading tomorrow’s initial trial proceedings, it would be a surprise if something as trivial as Ms. Fey’s inexperience ends up being a viable defense strategy.

Grainy CCTV image showing Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey's Detention Center meeting
REUNION, AND TURNABOUT? Leaked security footage shows estranged Wright and Fey in a secret Detention Center strategy meeting… just HOURS after reuniting

That’s unlikely to stop Ms. Fey’s attorney, though. With five trial wins under his belt, Phoenix Wright is already gaining the interest of LA’s media, although his deep links to the Fey Clan and reliance on bluffs will not do his credibility any favours.

Wright was even FIRST on the scene of yesterday’s murder, his presence having apparently been requested by Ms. Fey ahead of time. One has to wonder if Ms. Fey somehow knew she’d be needing a lawyer.

Mr. Wright was mentored by Maya Fey’s older sister, Attorney Mia Fey – and defended Maya against trumped-up murder charges when her sister was bludgeoned to death by Bluecorp CEO Redd White in September of last year. Attorney Wright, 25, has also been romantically linked to Maya, despite their seven-year age difference – another young Kurain Village medium was overheard excitedly talking about the pair’s “special” relationship.

Day one of Maya Fey’s initial trial will be held at Los Angeles District Court at 10:00am tomorrow, June 21st.

This article has been reproduced with the kind permission of Oh! Cult magazine. Their summer issue is in stores now.

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