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Welcome to Critical Chicken, your one-stop shop for video game news, features, and reviews – with a healthy dollop of Queer culture on the side.

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Mike – Editor

Mike (he/him/his) is 35 and lives in Norfolk, UK with his fiancé Matthew (below) and cat Molly. He designed this website from the ground up, and it only took him three attempts and four years! ADHD, yay!

When he isn’t knee-deep in CSS, Mike enjoys gaming, learning Japanese, writing, watching LeftTube, and fantasising about being smart enough to go on Only Connect. If he had to pick one, he’d probably say his all-time favourite video game is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice.

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Matthew – Leader writer

Matthew (he/him/his) is 29 and lives in Norfolk, UK with his fiancé Mike (above) and cat Molly. An aspiring writer who looks significantly grumpier than his Mii, Matthew loves all video games but has a soft spot for RPGs.

Somewhat controversially, he believes Skyrim is no match for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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Molly – Cat

Molly (she/her/hers) is 13 and lives in Norfolk, UK with her parents Matthew and Mike (above). Her hobbies include screaming, moulting, and belly rubs.

She is apathetic about gaming.

Why we’re #ForThe

Gaming isn’t always the most inclusive space, so we want to do our bit to change that. We want to celebrate positive LGBTQIA+ representation in games, and create a welcoming place for the whole community to gather.

We also want to work with up-and-coming Queer writers. If that’s you, let us know — we want to be upfront about the fact we currently can’t afford to pay you, but we can hook you up with your own author page and an “” email address that might look good on your CV.

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What we’re trying to achieve

We’re just out here building an internet utopia. No biggie.

In all seriousness, we’re actually coming at this with a bit of a ~philosophy~ in mind. The most important part is that we’ll be ad-free, free, and privacy-focused, forever.

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