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The amazing Ace Attorney Investigations 2 fan translation is now available on Android

A screenshot from Ace Attorney Investigations 2. Miles Edgeworth looks completely aghast, as he thinks to himself, "C-Curses...! I don't know anything about ice cream!"

Five-and-a-bit-years after its original announcement, I’d given up hope that the Android port of the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 was ever going to be released. So, imagine my surprise when the long dormant Scarlet Study blog suddenly came out of hibernation this week — to announce the finished patch is now available.

In case you’re out of the loop, Gyakuten Kenji 2 — better known by its fan translation’s (looooong) title, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth – Prosecutor’s Path — is the only Ace Attorney game to date that hasn’t received an official localisation by Capcom. It released in 2011 in Japan — close to the end of the Nintendo DS’s lifespan — and, after Capcom’s analysis showed localisation costs would be higher than the anticipated returns, they broke the news that we wouldn’t be getting an English version.

In 2015, an international translation group delivered an incredible fan-translation patch for the Nintendo DS ROM — replete with name puns, new voice clips, lovingly repainted background artwork, and some of the best characterisation in the series’ history.

And this week, the translation finally got ported to the Android version of the game, allowing it to be experienced in high definition, on current-gen devices. The installation process is a bit fiddly, but definitely doable for anyone with even a little bit of tech savvy. The patch, and a handy how-to video, are available on YouTube.

Speaking of things that are ‘great’, Scarlet Study have also put out an appeal for new team members to help finish off their Great Ace Attorney 2 fan translation. If you think your editing or translating skills are up to snuff, check out their blog for an application form.

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