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Key art for Baldur's Gate 3
ReviewWednesday, 30th August 2023 by A Dungeon Master’s take on Baldur’s Gate 3

Our community loves a spot of D&D, so our resident DM Matthew investigates how Baldur’s Gate 3’s relative lack of freedom compares to real-life TTRPGs.

A diagram showing Steam Remote Play streaming from a desktop PC to a laptop (or vice versa)
FeatureGuideTuesday, 6th July 2021 by Steam Remote Play: it just works (sometimes)

Steam Remote Play is amazing and ahead of its time — but maybe that’s part of the problem? Here are five things to try when your play… stops.

An animated GIF showing Matthew's MetaHuman creation
ReviewPreviewsWednesday, 16th June 2021 by I accidentally created Zac Efron and Will Poulter’s lovechild in MetaHuman Creator

Sims 4-style people creation comes to Unreal Engine thanks to MetaHuman Creator. Matthew puts it through its paces with… uncanny results.

A screenshot showing the Urbz's endearing, isometric pixel art style
FeatureOpinionTuesday, 12th March 2019 by The best Sims game is an oft-forgotten Nintendo DS title

Could an obscure Sims-series outlier — for an aging Nintendo handheld — really be the best game in the franchise? Matthew certainly thinks so.

The Hungarian Empire's dour-looking ruler in Civ VI, Matthias Corvinus
ReviewSaturday, 9th March 2019 by Civilization VI is finally worth playing

As long as you’re willing to spend £109.97 on the base game and two DLCs, Civilization VI might finally have caught up with its predecessor.

The cast of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
Best ofAce AttorneyFeatureWednesday, 27th February 2019 by Point-and-Click Syndrome and the Tomb Raider Conundrum

Matthew finally acquiesced to playing the Ace Attorney series… But were its Tomb Raider-esque batshit leaps of logic enough to sour the experience?

Mass Effect's Kaiden Alenko, surrounded by cute pink love hearts
ReviewSecond lookSunday, 2nd April 2017 by Mass Effect

Matthew takes a trip down memory lane, to the time of Red Rings of Death and teenage crushes on Kaiden Alenko. But does Mass Effect 1 still hold up?

The (in-game) card box from Hearthstone's main menu screen
FeatureTuesday, 23rd August 2016 by I don’t understand Hearthstone

Despite copious IAPs and continuous losses, Matthew can’t keep away from Hearthstone — and he thinks the weekly Tavern Brawls could be the reason why.

The main game screen in Crusader Kings II, showing a map of the world
FeatureOpinionSunday, 21st August 2016 by Why more games should take a leaf from Crusader Kings

It’s frustratingly difficult. It’s the pinnacle of “dialogue-box simulators”. So what exactly makes Crusader Kings II such an addictive, innovative game?

A screenshot from 2016's Doom reboot
E3 2016NewsMonday, 13th June 2016 by Bethesda recap: how ’bout them sweetrolls?

Bethesda in “rereleasing Skyrim again” shocker! Thank goodness we got a good, long look at Dishonored 2, too. Which looks amazing, by the way.

Key art for Mass Effect: Andromeda
E3 2016NewsMonday, 13th June 2016 by EA recap: It’s in the Football. Apparently…

EA’s conference always brings the < guns and sports > to the yard, but were Mass Effect — and EA’s new indie platform — enough to keep us hooked?

Hitman's Agent 47 posing menacingly with a gun
ReviewSaturday, 11th June 2016 by Hitman

Alas, Hitman has jumped on the “episodic release” bandwagon. But are its developers justified, or is this just an excuse to hoard their players’ money?

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