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Nintendo's 2D Breath of the Wild prototype
NewsVideoTuesday, 14th March 2017 by Take a look behind the scenes of Breath of the Wild with Nintendo’s new making-of videos

Nintendo is giving us a rare peek behind the curtain with 30 minutes of interviews and making-of footage — including BotW’s NES-style prototype.

The colourful cast of Rhythm Paradise Megamix
E3 2016Ace AttorneyNewsThursday, 16th June 2016 by Nintendo didn’t do a conference, but their Treehouse had some pretty cool stuff in it

With Rhythm Paradise, Ace Attorney, and Pokémon all appearing, Mike was always going to be pleased. Regardless of Breath of the Wild’s first big preview.

Crash Bandicoot appears in Skylanders: Imaginators
E3 2016NewsWednesday, 15th June 2016 by Sony’s conference made me feel all the feels

Sony would’ve won E3 if they’d only announced Crash Bandicoot. Detroit: Become Human and Norman Reedus’s 3D butt were just added bonuses.

The innards of Microsoft's
E3 2016NewsTuesday, 14th June 2016 by I’m a PlayStation fanboy, but Microsoft just really made me want an Xbox One

The story of how the Xbox One S, We Happy Few, Sea of Thieves, and Project Scorpio finally won over an Xbox outlier. (But he still isn’t switching.)

Dancers promoting Just Dance 2017 at Ubisoft's E3 conference
E3 2016NewsVideoMonday, 13th June 2016 by All the best bits from Ubisoft’s conference

We’ve painstakingly sifted through Ubisoft’s conference to bring you the absolute best moments. It was difficult to pick, but we think we’ve nailed it.

A screenshot from 2016's Doom reboot
E3 2016NewsMonday, 13th June 2016 by Bethesda recap: how ’bout them sweetrolls?

Bethesda in “rereleasing Skyrim again” shocker! Thank goodness we got a good, long look at Dishonored 2, too. Which looks amazing, by the way.

Key art for Mass Effect: Andromeda
E3 2016NewsMonday, 13th June 2016 by EA recap: It’s in the Football. Apparently…

EA’s conference always brings the < guns and sports > to the yard, but were Mass Effect — and EA’s new indie platform — enough to keep us hooked?

A Star Wars Storm Trooper hatching from a chicken's egg
NewsSite updateSaturday, 11th June 2016 by Welcome to Critical Chicken

Welcome to Critical Chicken, the home of gaming cynicism! We know, there are other gaming blogs — but ours is the gayest, and therefore the best.

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