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Key art for Two Point Campus
NewsVideoThursday, 10th June 2021 by Theme Hospital + The Sims 2: University = Two Point Campus

We finally got a glimpse of our next adventure in Two Point County — and it brought back old traumas. We’ll never forgive EA for killing Bullfrog. Never!

Link looks out over Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
NewsVideoMonday, 27th March 2017 by But wait, there’s more! Nintendo releases bonus episode of the making of Breath of the Wild

If half an hour of behind-the-scenes content wasn’t enough for you, rejoice! Because Daddy Nintendo has blessed us with another seven minutes’ worth.

Nintendo's 2D Breath of the Wild prototype
NewsVideoTuesday, 14th March 2017 by Take a look behind the scenes of Breath of the Wild with Nintendo’s new making-of videos

Nintendo is giving us a rare peek behind the curtain with 30 minutes of interviews and making-of footage — including BotW’s NES-style prototype.

Dancers promoting Just Dance 2017 at Ubisoft's E3 conference
E3 2016NewsVideoMonday, 13th June 2016 by All the best bits from Ubisoft’s conference

We’ve painstakingly sifted through Ubisoft’s conference to bring you the absolute best moments. It was difficult to pick, but we think we’ve nailed it.