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E3’s future

A sombre, funeral-inspired image. E3's iconic logo appears against a backdrop of gently drifting yellow and red petals.
E3’s futureNewsTuesday, 12th December 2023 by It’s official: E3 is gone, and it isn’t coming back

After years of uncertainty, the E3 expo has finally been permanently cancelled. The writing’s been on the wall for a while, but we’re still sad to see it go.

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E3’s futureNewsUpdateThursday, 7th September 2023 by A year after announcing their partnership, E3 and show organiser ReedPop are parting ways

ReedPop and E3 have announced a “mutual decision” to part ways, after this year’s expo was cancelled. Plus: has E3 2024 already been cancelled, too?

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E3’s futureNewsRumourSaturday, 5th August 2023 by After snubbing E3, Nintendo, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sega are all heading to this year’s gamescom — plus, “Switch 2” rumours abound

As we speculate about why E3’s detractors are (mostly) heading to a lesser-hyped event, rumours of an imminent “Switch 2” reveal resurface.

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E3’s futureNewsUpdatedThursday, 7th July 2022 by E3 is back and it’s under new management (update: it’s gone again)

No matter what happens to E3, it can always rely on its white knight (Mike) to back it up. Summer Game Fest, Shmummer Schmame Schmest, says he.