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A screenshot showing the Urbz's endearing, isometric pixel art style
FeatureOpinionTuesday, 12th March 2019 by The best Sims game is an oft-forgotten Nintendo DS title

Could an obscure Sims-series outlier — for an aging Nintendo handheld — really be the best game in the franchise? Matthew certainly thinks so.

Zero, the antagonist of the Zero Escape series
FeatureOpinionFriday, 24th March 2017 by You know what sucks?

Pricing disparity has reared its ugly head again with the release of The Nonary Games — and we’ve been screwed not once, but twice. Hmph.

The main game screen in Crusader Kings II, showing a map of the world
FeatureOpinionSunday, 21st August 2016 by Why more games should take a leaf from Crusader Kings

It’s frustratingly difficult. It’s the pinnacle of “dialogue-box simulators”. So what exactly makes Crusader Kings II such an addictive, innovative game?