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A photo of Donald Trump sitting next to his lawyer, who has an Asus gaming laptop. It's a still image, but we've edited it to make the laptop's RGB logo cycle through rainbow colours.
Ace AttorneyNewsThursday, 5th October 2023 by Trump’s lawyer brought a gaming laptop to court, and everyone on Bluesky made the same joke

How a distracting, “strobing” Asus logo became the star of Trump’s fraud trial – and unleashed a slew of Ace Attorney comparisons in the process.

A pixelated screenshot from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Ace AttorneyFeatureSaturday, 9th March 2019 by In pictures: Phoenix Wright’s journey from 110p (no, really) to glorious Full HD

From the laughably tiny Java mobile game, to the laughably sloppy iOS collection — Mike takes a look back at the history of Phoenix Wright ports.

The cast of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
Best ofAce AttorneyFeatureWednesday, 27th February 2019 by Point-and-Click Syndrome and the Tomb Raider Conundrum

Matthew finally acquiesced to playing the Ace Attorney series… But were its Tomb Raider-esque batshit leaps of logic enough to sour the experience?