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E3’s futureNewsUpdateThursday, 7th September 2023 by

A year after announcing their partnership, E3 and show organiser ReedPop are parting ways

And E3 2024 might already have been cancelled

Just over a year ago, the Electronic Entertainment Expo — “E3”, to us normies — announced it was teaming up with ReedPop, the event organiser behind PAX and New York Comic Con. Now, Kotaku (along with countless others) is reporting that the partnership is over.

Text in image: "E3 2023, an event from ReedPop"
E3 2023 was announced as “an event from ReedPop” in July last year, but was ultimately cancelled this spring.

E3 and ReedPop made a whole bunch of bombastic promises last July, with the latter saying E3 2023 would be “recognisably epic” and would set “a new benchmark for video game expos in 2023 and beyond.” In the end, that didn’t happen — we learned this March that the summer’s biggest gaming event had once again been cancelled.

And today, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), that controls E3, announced it would be parting ways with ReedPop.

While the reach of E3 remains unmatched in our industry, we are continuing to explore how we can evolve it to best serve the video game industry and are evaluating every aspect of the event, from format to location.
We are committed to our role as a convenor for the industry and look forward to sharing news about E3 in the coming months.

Stanley Pierre-Louis, ESA president

E3 2025’s the charm?

Meanwhile, the ESA confirmed reports that no E3-related events would be happening at the Los Angeles Convention Center next year. To be clear, we don’t actually know that E3 2024 has been cancelled; it could be an online-only event again, or the ESA might’ve finally found a more suitable venue. That said, (which is owned by ReedPop) is reporting the ESA is “working on a complete reinvention of the E3 show for 2025″.

So, read into that what you will.

E3’s futureNewsUpdate