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“Come stay in our Pokémon Sleep-themed suite, but don’t steal our Snorlax plushie”, urges Tokyo’s Grand Hyatt hotel

The Tokyo Grand Hyatt's limited-edition "Pokémon Sleep Suite", featuring a giant Snorlax plushie and lots of leafy, green plants

To celebrate the first anniversary of Pokémon Sleep, the Grand Hyatt Tokyo has announced “a range of charismatic wellness experiences” based on the app.

From 1st July thru 31st August this year, guests will be able to book a stay in the hotel’s 120m² “Pokémon Sleep Suite”, which for a paltry ¥275,050 per night (£1,394 or $1,742, at time of writing) comes with decorations inspired by Pokémon Sleep’s Greengrass Isle, a giant Snorlax plushie to snuggle with, and the vague promise of “Pokémon Sleep artwork”.

A split-screen image showing Pikachu Dessert Burgers (fruit, ice cream, and lashings of sauces in a yellow bun) and Snorlax Burgers (meat, cheese, and lettuce in a blue and white bun)
Even if you’re not staying the night, there are a whole bunch of tasty treats to sample.

Guests also get to take home a Pokémon Sleep backpack, T-shirt, water bottle, and wellness bag “including herb tea and bath salts” – as well as four Pokémon Sleep plushies.

Dinner and breakfast – both of which are delivered by room service – include meals ripped straight out of the game, including Snoozy Tomato Salad, “Lucky Chant” Apple Pie, and “Stalwart” Vegetable Juice.

Hilariously, the listing on the Hyatt website is pre-emptively asking guests not to “take home any of the decorations, including the Snorlax plushie and Pokémon Sleep artwork.”

The budget-friendly "Pokémon Sleep Stay" room, featuring a fleecy Snorlax blanket instead of the giant plushie

For budget-conscious Poké Maniacs, a “Pokémon Sleep Stay” for ¥71,500 per night (£362 or $453) still offers most of the Sleep Suite’s magic – albeit with a “Snorlax Die-Cut Sleeper Towel Blanket” instead of the giant plushie. (Please do not take home the Snorlax Die-Cut Sleeper Towel Blanket.)

The Sleep Stay comes without dinner (although you still get a buffet breakfast), and you don’t get any plushies to take home. You also get a tote bag instead of a backpack. I still think I’d rather have the extra £1,032 spending money, if it were me.

There are also Pokémon Sleep-themed treats available at three of the hotel’s eateries, including Snorlax Burgers, Pikachu Dessert Burgers, and Jigglypuff’s Seasonal Fruit Flan Set.