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Mass Effect's Kaiden Alenko, surrounded by cute pink love hearts
ReviewSecond lookSunday, 2nd April 2017 by Mass Effect

Matthew takes a trip down memory lane, to the time of Red Rings of Death and teenage crushes on Kaiden Alenko. But does Mass Effect 1 still hold up?

Key art for Mass Effect: Andromeda
E3 2016NewsMonday, 13th June 2016 by EA recap: It’s in the Football. Apparently…

EA’s conference always brings the < guns and sports > to the yard, but were Mass Effect — and EA’s new indie platform — enough to keep us hooked?

A Minecraft demo running on Microsoft's HoloLens AR headset
E3 2016FeatureSaturday, 11th June 2016 by A Critical look ahead

As E3 looms, so does the prospect of “finally getting a proper look at Mass Effect: Andromeda“. No matter how cringe the rest is, that might be enough.