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FeatureGuideMonday, 12th July 2021 by

Welcome to my incredibly “scientific” and “ultimate” Switch model comparison chart

A table comparing the various features of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch (OLED model), and Nintendo Switch Lite


The winner in each category got 3 points (green)… In categories where all three consoles were equal, or where it felt too subjective to say one was “better” than the others, they all got 3 points each. Generous!

If it was kind of a two-tiered thing, like one winner and two equal losers (or vice versa), the winner(s) got 3 points (green) and the loser(s) got 2 points (yellow).

And if it was a category with a clear distinction between all three models, the winner got 3 points (green), the, um… medium guy got 2 points (yellow), and the loser got 1 point (orange).

“Scientific, indeed!” I imagine you are standing up and shouting right at this very moment. Perhaps you are even applauding.

By my logic, the base-model Switch ended up on 54 points (out of a possible 60), the Switch OLED model scored 56 points, and the Switch Lite managed a respectable 47 points.

In conclusion, there’s barely anything between them; just buy whatever.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.