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Welcome to Critical Chicken

A Star Wars Storm Trooper hatching from a chicken's egg

Hello to you, the one person in the world who’s waded far enough into the depths of their Google search results to have stumbled upon Critical Chicken. Goodness knows what you were searching for, but we hope it was “Where can I read irreverent and often cynical musings about video games?”, because we’re going to have that in spades.

If it was “easy recipes”, you’re out of luck, because even the BBC doesn’t have those any more. 🙁

We’re hoping, even though there are already quite a few blogs about this sort of thing (perhaps as many as fifteen; we haven’t counted), our warped twisted bitter acerbic outlook and unique perspective as “gaymer boyfriends who don’t only like games about blowing things up” will give us some sort of edge. Maybe you’ll even want to read some of this.

Maybe no one will ever find us, and this whole scenario will only ever happen in our heads, and it will all be a massive waste of time. Maybe there’s a parallel universe where Matthew wrote this, instead of me, and actually got to put in all the chicken puns he’s been suggesting for the past two hours.

We may never know.

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