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Mario and Luigi's new voice actor, Kevin Afghani, looks handsome and smiley in a headshot that has been doing the rounds online.
#ForTheGaymersNewsTuesday, 17th October 2023 by Mario’s new voice actor has been revealed, and the gays have already forgotten about poor old Charles Whatshisname

Kevin Afghani, the new voice of Mario, looks handsome and smiley in two photos doing the rounds online – and the gays of Bluesky have taken notice.

Nintendo's key art for the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct stream
Nintendo DirectReviewPreviewsSunday, 3rd September 2023 by Super Mario Bros. Wonder looks plenty creative — but it can’t shake off the series’ two most soul-sucking conventions

It’s easy to get swept up in how imaginative Super Mario Bros. Wonder looks. But is it really, or has New Super Mario Bros. just set the bar really low?